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Organic Pet Superfood Retailer Spotlight: Only Natural Pet


Today our retailer spotlight is on OnlyNaturalPet.com.

They have a storefront here in Boulder next to Bicycle Village at 28th and Pearl, as well as a very nice website where they have thousands more items!

We recently visited their warehouse to talk with their staff about Organic Pet Superfood and take a look around their facilities. Everyone there was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and they all seemed really excited about our Super Immunity formula (this made James and I really happy).

Anyways, Only Natural Pet is focused on selling natural and holistic pet products for pets because they feel that “our animal companions benefit from natural living in the same way that humans do.” Hey! We feel the same way!

So, if you’re looking for anything from our Super-Immunity formula to a Babble Ball Interactive Toy to a Smart Cat Kitty’s Garden then you should head on over to OnlyNaturalPet.com or if you live here in Boulder stop by their storefront and tell them Michael and James say “hello!”



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