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Eco-Product Spotlight: DogPoo!

I know… I know… I seem to have a lot of posts referencing our buddies’ fecal production…

This one has nothing to do with that, I swear!


It does however have to do with John Masters’ Organics Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Dog Poo dog shampoo. It is made with organic ingredients and helps to ward off fleas and tics naturally with its eucalyptus and tea tree ingredients and it is specially formulated to be pH balanced for your dog’s hair!

Plus, its just $20!

And, they donate one dollar for each bottle purchased to Animal Sanctuary in New York – a no-kill sanctuary for dogs and cats. Always a good thing!


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Eco-Pet Products: West Paw Design

logoThe newest addition to our favorite Eco-Products list is West Paw Design. They are a company out of Bozeman Montana that is dedicated to providing the best quality dog and cat toys and bedding available.

From really neat and stylish beds made out of recycled fibers to super cute turtle toys, they have a wide selection of pet accessories. westpawbedturtlewestpaw

In everything they do, they try to reduce their waste and provide pet guardians with organic and recycled options. We think they’re great! Check them out at www.WestPawDesign.com

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A Big Welcome to Our Newest Family Members: Paw Luxury!

We just wanted to say hello to our newest member of the Organic Pet Superfood Family: Paw Luxury!


They are a company out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania that is truly dedicated to bringing Eco-friendly, organic products to their customers. They say it best in their mission:

Our mission at Paw Luxury is to offer luxury, high-quality, durable, holistic and earth-friendly products for the everyday dog and their owners.

We believe in offering products that will promote the overall well-being of your dog while at the same time bringing you and your dog closer together for a happier, longer life. We give 110% service to our customers to make sure their tails are always wagging and you are always smiling.

We strive to utilize green, sustainable, or recyclable materials in our day-to-day operations, because we believe you can have the best of both worlds: pampering your dog and saving the environment at the same time.

(We couldn’t agree more!)

Stay on the lookout for some fun Organic Pet Superfood promotions on their blog: The Daily Bark

So, thank you again Paw Luxury!

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Eco-Product of the Week: Fuzz Yard Organic Grooming Products!

Our newest eco-products of the week are going to be coming from the Aussies at Fuzz Yard Organic Grooming Products.

In addition to having an amazingly beautiful website, they have an impressive array of natural grooming products for dogs and cats!fy22

Their product lines include everything from Jojoba + Basil Shampoo and Conditioner to Shea Butter and Avocado Oil Paw Balm for your pup’s paws. You can check out their website at www.fuzzyard.com or pick up some at our friends’ domestic website: pawlux.comfy11

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Eco-Pet Product of the Week!

So once a week I am going to be trying to post whatever I feel is a really unique, special, and eco-friendly pet product.

Our first Eco-Pet Product of the week is going to be the sustainable pet houses from Sustainable Pet Design.

They have some amazing, custom-made dog and bird homes which feature garden roofs!

I have always wanted a garden roof for my own home but since that is not happening any time soon, I think these sustainable pet homes are the next best thing! Having a garden roof on your house or your pet’s house helps to keep heat inside the home, while also filtering rain water through the garden right into your dog bowl where he can drink clean, naturally filtered water! These homes are incredibly well crafted and since they only provide vegetation which is local to your climate, the plants require very little care.

Since all of these homes are custom tailored to your dog, they can match the low-VOC sealant to your house or you can order the structure unfinished and finish it off yourself! I’m getting one of these as soon as possible!

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