Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition!

So, I just came across one of the winners of the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition, held in Pentaluma, CA. Probably one of the coolest competitions I have seen as far as dogs go because they really are cute when you get down to it…

This little guy, for instance:uglydogHis name is Elwood, and he looks like the cute, dog version of a gremlin. I think he is awesome!

Apparently many of the winners are Chinese-Cresteds and some have a little Chihuahua mixed in there for good measure. The thing that really lured me over there was this website,, where I read this amazing quote that totally caught me off guard:

“Even Chinese crested owners are a little taken aback when they find out one of their precious babies could someday evolve into the hairless sausage I have at the end of my leash.”

Which is a hilarious quote to go along with some other hilarious stories she has about her dog. Here is a picture of Archie that I got off of their website:justinsullivan1

One of the best parts of these dogs is that their tongues seem to always hang out of the side of their mouths to accentuate their asymmetricality (not sure if that is a word, but it seems to work here).

Here is a question for you… What if the Obamas had gotten a Chinese-Crested like this? Do you think they would have experienced a surge like for Portuguese Water Dogs? I know I want one now!

So, if you’re in or around Pentaluma, California, check out their Sonoma-Marin Fair and say hi to all the little guys for us!


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5 Great iPhone Apps for Your Pets!

So it’s not like I need more things to distract me… But I keep coming across more and more iPhone applications for pets – and lots are actually useful!

They’re all WAY more useful than the iPity application I just downloaded:


While the iPity application is totally awesome – every time you click him, Mr. T says another line – these are actually useful as well! Here are 5 iPhone pet applications that I recommend:

1. Pet Notebook

petnotebookThis is a great app that lets you keep track of your pet’s veterinary info, their pictures, and any other notes you have about them(like microchip ID#)- all in a great application! It costs $3.99 and you can get it here.

2. PetMD Finder

petmdPetMD has come out with an app that lets you find relevant pet services in your area – whether you’re taking a little vacation with your pet or moving to a new area, this app will let you know where vital pet services are available near you (With it’s handy GPS locator or by zip code).

3. Pet Phone

For everyone that has piles of veterinary bills laying around the house, Pet Phone is a convenient app that lets you keep track of all of your pet’s vet visits along with the reason why they were there, their weight after each vet visit plus an interactive graph that lets you visually assess how their weight fluctuates, and also keep track of their allergies and medications – including dosages. petphonemainview-233x350

S0 instead of trying to keep all of this organized in your head for each pet, you’re much better off keeping it all organized on something as simple and convenient as an app on your iPhone!

4. Off Leash

We’re all always on the look-out for new parks for our pets to go off-leash and socialize with other dogs, and Off Leash provides an easy way to do that using your GPS location. Once it finds where you are it will give you 5 nearby locations where your dog can go sniff out!offleash

5. All Pets Radio

If you have some spare time and are looking to hear more information and news about pets, animals and animal care – this is the place!allpets

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Hey! Sorry about the delay on posts! Lots going on here in the Organic Pet Superfood compound… We have some interesting developments coming soon, and I will definitely be back and blogging up a storm on everything natural and pet related as well as anything else I find interesting!


Hope your Summer is going great!

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April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

Yes it is! To celebrate, buildings all over the country will be lighting themselves up orange – the official color of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  They have provided ways that you can show your support… besides donating, of course!

Hmmm… I wonder what we have around here that’s orange??? Hmmm…


Organic Pet Superfood!

1. Become an ASPCA Ambassador
Become an ASPCA Ambassador and create your own grassroots event, inviting friends and family to sponsor your efforts on behalf of the ASPCA. Whether you decide to run a marathon for animals, plan a pet parade or have an orange bake sale, your grassroots fundraising efforts will help us achieve our goal to end animal cruelty and find permanent, loving homes for America’s adoptable pets.

Once your plans are in place, register your unique event on to share with animal lovers everywhere. You’ll have the opportunity to exchange stories and photos, engage other animal lovers and raise lifesaving funds that support the vital work of the ASPCA. Then be sure to enter the ASPCA’s Community Leader Contest for a chance to win a $500 Amex gift card for you and a $1,000 grant for a shelter or rescue group of your choice.

2. Inform the Media
Write a letter to the editor of your local or regional newspaper, reminding them that April is ‘Go Orange for Animals Month’. Be sure to include a heads-up about your ‘Go Orange’ plans. You can also contact TV and radio stations, letting them know about your event and inviting them to add their unique efforts to the ‘Go Orange for Animals’ campaign.

3. Light Up Your Town
Call your city council and find out how to get prominent buildings and landmarks to light up orange—it could be your town hall, local businesses, schools, libraries, museums, baseball fields, you name it. Let them know that last year New York, Chicago and many other cities lit up—even Niagara Falls went orange. Nothing’s impossible!

4. Party!
Attend one of the extraordinary ASPCA-hosted events in the following cities:

  • New York, NY: April 7, Union Square Park
  • Los Angeles, CA:  April 25, Venice Beach
  • Austin, TX: April 18, Zilker Park

You’ll be treated to live music, refreshments, free advice at ASPCA expert booths and a host of pet-related activities. People in the Austin and Venice Beach areas can register to raise funds in a dog walk, helping to further our mission and get their friends and family to Go Orange for Animals.

5. Pledge Your Allegiance to Protecting Animals
Can you commit to doing all that is possible to help animals live happy, healthy lives throughout April and all year long? Sign the ASPCA anti-cruelty pledge and show the world that you support the ASPCA and the pets we protect.

6. Show Your Virtual Support
Dedicate your MySpace page, Facebook status or blog to the ASPCA during the month of April and encourage your friends to spread the word about the month-long ‘Go Orange’ campaign! Keep on the lookout for a ‘Go Orange for Animals’ discussion group on the ASPCA Online Community, where you can share ideas for events. You can also join our cause on Facebook or put an ASPCA donation widget on your personal web page.

7. Inform Your Neighbors
Hang downloadable ASPCA posters (available on soon!) in public places like your library, school, gym and office and hand out anti-cruelty information like our Top Ten Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty.

8. Support Your Local Animal Shelter
Coordinate a ‘Go Orange for Animals’ event with a local animal welfare group or shelter of your choice and donate the proceeds and/or supplies that you collect. Be sure to alert your local media about your event! Possibilities include decorating the building orange and holding an adoption event or donation drive. To find a shelter or rescue group near you, visit our shelter database.

9. Become an Animal Activist
Visit our lobby section to find out everything you can do to raise awareness for animal rights. You can start by learning your state’s animal cruelty laws. The ASPCA has an online database of more than 580 of these laws—and their penalties—in all 50 states.

  • Call or write your local law enforcement officials. Let them know that animal cruelty is a crime and investigating these cases should be a priority.
  • Help fight for the passage of strong anti-cruelty laws on federal, state and local levels by joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. As a brigade member, you’ll receive emails asking you to write letters encouraging your legislators to pass these laws—and you can send them directly from our website.

10. Give a Homeless Pet a Second Chance
Sponsor an advertisement in your community paper for an animal from your local shelter who needs a home. You can even ask to feature a photo of the animal wearing an orange bow—either real or graphically created. Make sure the ad says that you sponsored that animal for ‘Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month’, and encourage others to do the same.

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Eco-Product Spotlight: DogPoo!

I know… I know… I seem to have a lot of posts referencing our buddies’ fecal production…

This one has nothing to do with that, I swear!


It does however have to do with John Masters’ Organics Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Dog Poo dog shampoo. It is made with organic ingredients and helps to ward off fleas and tics naturally with its eucalyptus and tea tree ingredients and it is specially formulated to be pH balanced for your dog’s hair!

Plus, its just $20!

And, they donate one dollar for each bottle purchased to Animal Sanctuary in New York – a no-kill sanctuary for dogs and cats. Always a good thing!

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I would argue that green things are normally good things, unless it’s this guy:oscarActually, he is pretty awesome too!

BUT, is a really great website, with great products (including Organic Pet Superfood). The people there are very nice and helpful and can help you find anything you would need for skin care, kids toys, and even natuarally made make-up. Go check them out at!

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Going Green With Your Pet


Since we are all trying to make our lives a little less impactful on the environment, I thought I might give a few tips on going green with your pet!

1 ) Buy Organic

When you purchase organic products you are lessening your impact on the Earth by not promoting products which use harmful chemicals when they manufacture their products. This includes anything from food to toys to beds, pretty much anything nowadays has an organic alternative.

2 ) Buy Natural Foods

Organic and Natural are interesting topics in themselves, but I will devote that to another post… For now, I’m going to say that by purchasing naturally raised beef and chicken for your pet, you are reducing unnatural hormone and anti-biotic intake and helping them out in the long run. A good rule is to only buy human-grade pet food for your pets because it is never a good sign when your pet is eating food that you wouldn’t feed to yourself!

3 ) Recycle!

Easy right? We can all do a little bit to reduce our waste… And sometimes it is fun to be creative with it! For example: Take your old, torn up shirts and jeans that are ready to be retired and tear them into long shreds – then tie or braid them to make a great chew toy!

4 ) Spay or Neuter Your Pet

This helps you and your pet be green by avoiding more homeless pets on the streets. It’s a pretty simple one.

5 ) Adopt

There are thousands of homeless pets across the country without homes… Adopting is the responsible thing to do to help out.

6 ) Clean up their poo

Yep, this is one step to becoming green too! You can even use these great poo bags to do it with! The whole reasoning behind this is that your dog is not native to the particular ecosystem they are pooping in, so it introduces new things into the local ecosystem and that is not a good thing. Plus, no one wants to see that kind of stuff in their neighborhood!

7 ) Buy organic hemp toys

If you run out of clothes to use for toys, try buying hemp toys instead. Hemp is a very environmentally friendly fabric, and no, it is not only for our patchouli-sporting friends… If you’re interested and want some more information or want to check out all of its uses, take a look at the Wikipedia entry.

8 ) Use chemical free pest products

There can be lots of dangerous chemicals in pet products devoted to ridding our friends’ pest problems. Many of them are not that great for them or the environment. Try out some chemical free solutions, many of which work just as well, but don’t utilize nasty chemicals that you wouldn’t want to be bathing in either!

Image: Erkillian


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