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Probably the cutest video of a pug that you will see today.


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The Amazing Treat Machine

I’m pretty excited about this product and can’t wait to get one for Koda to try out! It is called The Amazing Treat Machine and what I feel is the most amazing thing is the simplicity of it.


Michael Newman was the creator of this great device when he realized that he didn’t have quite that much time to play with his dog, Hustler, when he wanted to play. The next best thing, Michael decided, was to create an interactive device that Hustler could play with by himself and be entertained by – this led to the creation of The Amazing Treat Machine. It’s a gloriously simple cardboard box with a water bottle that serves as a treat dispenser. Another great part of the design is that the entire structure is made out of eco-friendly cardboard and makes a great use for those pesky plastic water bottles that we see everywhere. Check out a video of Hustler playing with The Amazing Treat Machine here.


Can’t wait for mine!!!

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