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Dog ‘O’ Matic: Pet Torture Machine or Ingenius Problem Solver?

So, I had some reservations about this contraption when I first saw it…


The Dog ‘O’ Matic (Their website is in French – but you can check out the videos/pictures) is a device which looks like a giant pet microwave, yet it is meant to help guardians give their pets baths without too much hassle.

Honestly, it kinda freaked me out at first…

Now, after thinking about it, I like it because the Dog ‘O’ Matic really does make it an easy, painless effort to get a pet clean. It’s not like they don’t get freaked out anyways when they are in the shower or backyard or where ever you’re trying to give them a bath. Like when I walk in to the bathroom when Koda happens to be there at the same time – he immediately leaves without looking at me because of a bath incident he had a couple years ago.

On the website there are videos of cats and dogs being washed and they don’t seem to have a problem with the machine at all.

Right now this device is only available in a small town in France, but the inventors say they are planning to expand to England soon depending on user reactions. Each wash costs around $22 – $48 depending on the size of your pet.

Seems like a good idea, but would you use it?


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Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition!

So, I just came across one of the winners of the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition, held in Pentaluma, CA. Probably one of the coolest competitions I have seen as far as dogs go because they really are cute when you get down to it…

This little guy, for instance:uglydogHis name is Elwood, and he looks like the cute, dog version of a gremlin. I think he is awesome!

Apparently many of the winners are Chinese-Cresteds and some have a little Chihuahua mixed in there for good measure. The thing that really lured me over there was this website,, where I read this amazing quote that totally caught me off guard:

“Even Chinese crested owners are a little taken aback when they find out one of their precious babies could someday evolve into the hairless sausage I have at the end of my leash.”

Which is a hilarious quote to go along with some other hilarious stories she has about her dog. Here is a picture of Archie that I got off of their website:justinsullivan1

One of the best parts of these dogs is that their tongues seem to always hang out of the side of their mouths to accentuate their asymmetricality (not sure if that is a word, but it seems to work here).

Here is a question for you… What if the Obamas had gotten a Chinese-Crested like this? Do you think they would have experienced a surge like for Portuguese Water Dogs? I know I want one now!

So, if you’re in or around Pentaluma, California, check out their Sonoma-Marin Fair and say hi to all the little guys for us!

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