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5 Great iPhone Apps for Your Pets!

So it’s not like I need more things to distract me… But I keep coming across more and more iPhone applications for pets – and lots are actually useful!

They’re all WAY more useful than the iPity application I just downloaded:


While the iPity application is totally awesome – every time you click him, Mr. T says another line – these are actually useful as well! Here are 5 iPhone pet applications that I recommend:

1. Pet Notebook

petnotebookThis is a great app that lets you keep track of your pet’s veterinary info, their pictures, and any other notes you have about them(like microchip ID#)- all in a great application! It costs $3.99 and you can get it here.

2. PetMD Finder

petmdPetMD has come out with an app that lets you find relevant pet services in your area – whether you’re taking a little vacation with your pet or moving to a new area, this app will let you know where vital pet services are available near you (With it’s handy GPS locator or by zip code).

3. Pet Phone

For everyone that has piles of veterinary bills laying around the house, Pet Phone is a convenient app that lets you keep track of all of your pet’s vet visits along with the reason why they were there, their weight after each vet visit plus an interactive graph that lets you visually assess how their weight fluctuates, and also keep track of their allergies and medications – including dosages. petphonemainview-233x350

S0 instead of trying to keep all of this organized in your head for each pet, you’re much better off keeping it all organized on something as simple and convenient as an app on your iPhone!

4. Off Leash

We’re all always on the look-out for new parks for our pets to go off-leash and socialize with other dogs, and Off Leash provides an easy way to do that using your GPS location. Once it finds where you are it will give you 5 nearby locations where your dog can go sniff out!offleash

5. All Pets Radio

If you have some spare time and are looking to hear more information and news about pets, animals and animal care – this is the place!allpets


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Hey! Sorry about the delay on posts! Lots going on here in the Organic Pet Superfood compound… We have some interesting developments coming soon, and I will definitely be back and blogging up a storm on everything natural and pet related as well as anything else I find interesting!


Hope your Summer is going great!

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