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Going Green With Your Pet


Since we are all trying to make our lives a little less impactful on the environment, I thought I might give a few tips on going green with your pet!

1 ) Buy Organic

When you purchase organic products you are lessening your impact on the Earth by not promoting products which use harmful chemicals when they manufacture their products. This includes anything from food to toys to beds, pretty much anything nowadays has an organic alternative.

2 ) Buy Natural Foods

Organic and Natural are interesting topics in themselves, but I will devote that to another post… For now, I’m going to say that by purchasing naturally raised beef and chicken for your pet, you are reducing unnatural hormone and anti-biotic intake and helping them out in the long run. A good rule is to only buy human-grade pet food for your pets because it is never a good sign when your pet is eating food that you wouldn’t feed to yourself!

3 ) Recycle!

Easy right? We can all do a little bit to reduce our waste… And sometimes it is fun to be creative with it! For example: Take your old, torn up shirts and jeans that are ready to be retired and tear them into long shreds – then tie or braid them to make a great chew toy!

4 ) Spay or Neuter Your Pet

This helps you and your pet be green by avoiding more homeless pets on the streets. It’s a pretty simple one.

5 ) Adopt

There are thousands of homeless pets across the country without homes… Adopting is the responsible thing to do to help out.

6 ) Clean up their poo

Yep, this is one step to becoming green too! You can even use these great poo bags to do it with! The whole reasoning behind this is that your dog is not native to the particular ecosystem they are pooping in, so it introduces new things into the local ecosystem and that is not a good thing. Plus, no one wants to see that kind of stuff in their neighborhood!

7 ) Buy organic hemp toys

If you run out of clothes to use for toys, try buying hemp toys instead. Hemp is a very environmentally friendly fabric, and no, it is not only for our patchouli-sporting friends… If you’re interested and want some more information or want to check out all of its uses, take a look at the Wikipedia entry.

8 ) Use chemical free pest products

There can be lots of dangerous chemicals in pet products devoted to ridding our friends’ pest problems. Many of them are not that great for them or the environment. Try out some chemical free solutions, many of which work just as well, but don’t utilize nasty chemicals that you wouldn’t want to be bathing in either!

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Don’t forget to use!

Just a little reminder for everyone…

dogpileDon’t forget to keep using! It is just as good as any of the search engines you are going to use; plus, it’s for a great cause!

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Eco-Pet Products: West Paw Design

logoThe newest addition to our favorite Eco-Products list is West Paw Design. They are a company out of Bozeman Montana that is dedicated to providing the best quality dog and cat toys and bedding available.

From really neat and stylish beds made out of recycled fibers to super cute turtle toys, they have a wide selection of pet accessories. westpawbedturtlewestpaw

In everything they do, they try to reduce their waste and provide pet guardians with organic and recycled options. We think they’re great! Check them out at

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3rd Annual Furry Fun Walk!

We’re excited to tell you about the 3rd annual Furry Fun Walk in Ruston Louisianna on Saturday March 21st! It is a mile long stroll through Ruston, with prizes and giveaways at the end!

Although we will not be able to make it, they will be giving out free samples of Organic Pet Superfood’s Super Immunity Formula!

If you get a chance to attend, please tell us how it was or send some pictures! You can find out more information here.

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Tough Times call for Preventative Measures…

We have read some truly devastating articles in the past few weeks about pet owners not being able to afford veterinary care for their pets and choosing to skip preventative visits or even put them down. Here are just a couple from the NY Daily News and MSNBC.

It’s a sad day when you have to let your pet go… Especially because of something like money.

Like the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Now is a great time to start thinking about treating your dogs before they become sick. Just like for us humans, a proper diet and proper dental care are crucial in order to live a healthy life. Adding a meal enhancement like our Super Immunity formula puts whole foods packed with healthy vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes into your pet’s immune system.

Our ingredients are the result of years of research about medicinal mushrooms and their effects, they include mushrooms such as: Cordyceps, Agaricus Blazei, Reishi, Lions Mane, Antrodia, Beech, King Trumpet, and Turkey Tail are all mushrooms which have been shown to help fill in nutritional gaps in pets’ immune systems without any toxic side effects, called adatogens. In addition, every ingredient we use is 100% USA grown in a USDA Organic facility so you don’t have to worry about tainted ingredients.

Again, our kindest regards for the pet owners who have had to let go of their beloved pet because of financial reasons; that is a heart wrenching thing to go through. Just recently, a friend had to go through a similar situation when she was confronted with $5,000 chemotherapy bills for her lab; so I can definitely empathize with your grief and I wish the best for other pet owners struggling with this same decision today.

This whole situation is one of the reasons why we started Organic Pet Superfood – to make a difference and provide pet owners with a healthier, natural and holistic choice for their pets so that they may live longer, happier lives. Soon, I will post much more detailed information on each one of our mushrooms so that you can know how each of them works.

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2009 Best of Boulder!

Hello to all of our Boulder friends! Please help out our friends at Only Natural Pet and vote for them as the best pet store in Boulder!


You can go here to vote:


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