Dog Scooters!

So I have always thought about having a dog sled type of thing that you can take on the road or on a trail, but have never found one…

Until today!

Today is when I found, where they manufacture scooters that are made specifically for being pulled by dogs. These are especially great if you have a large dog with tons of energy because they are a fun way to get out and let them run to their hearts content!


I used to take Koda on runs on my skateboard, throwing a ball in front of him when I wanted to really get going. This turned out to be a very dangerous activity, mostly for me, because when Koda would take off he would send me hurtling into walls, curbs, and the occasional car.

I stopped doing that awhile ago because I decided that while Koda loved it, I was going to get seriously hurt due to my lack of brakes.

Now, I really want one of these scooters because I feel like I would probably have way more control with some brakes! If you want to learn more go to!


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