Eco-Pet Product of the Week!

So once a week I am going to be trying to post whatever I feel is a really unique, special, and eco-friendly pet product.

Our first Eco-Pet Product of the week is going to be the sustainable pet houses from Sustainable Pet Design.

They have some amazing, custom-made dog and bird homes which feature garden roofs!

I have always wanted a garden roof for my own home but since that is not happening any time soon, I think these sustainable pet homes are the next best thing! Having a garden roof on your house or your pet’s house helps to keep heat inside the home, while also filtering rain water through the garden right into your dog bowl where he can drink clean, naturally filtered water! These homes are incredibly well crafted and since they only provide vegetation which is local to your climate, the plants require very little care.

Since all of these homes are custom tailored to your dog, they can match the low-VOC sealant to your house or you can order the structure unfinished and finish it off yourself! I’m getting one of these as soon as possible!


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