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Keeping your pet cool on hot days!

Lately I have been trying to get in as many days as possible outside in order to get the most out of the rest of Summer. On trails and at climbing crags lately I have noticed guardians who haven’t adequately prepared to bring their furry friends outside – after years of practice running, hiking, and climbing with Koda I have developed some criteria for the different activities I do and what to bring for each and thought I might share a few things I like to keep in mind when Koda is around.

Hiking and Running:

When out hiking, I normally carry at least a Nalgene (or other water bottle) filled with water especially for Koda. If it is a longer hike I will bring more water because he is a big German Shepherd/Husky and needs a lot of water when it’s hot because of his heavy coat. Also, I like to try to plan my hikes and runs near some type of stream so that he can jump in and cool off.

When I’m running I tend to not carry things so if it’s really hot I will make sure to run in shaded areas with creeks or lakes nearby.


When I’m climbing I have the luxury of carrying a lot because I have a huge backpack full of gear already. Normally, I’ll bring a collapsible fabric dog bowl (like this one from RuffWear) and a big umbrella if it is somewhere I know it’s going to be really exposed during the day.

Koda, excited for another great hike in beautiful Boulder!

Koda, excited for another great hike in beautiful Boulder!

Keep in mind that our furry buddies can also get over-exhausted, dehydrated and even experience heat stroke – just like us. If you see any of symptoms like excessive panting, drooling, mild weakness, or stupor then your pet is too hot! Take steps to help them feel better by finding some shade for them to rest or some water for them to wade in.

Also, don’t forget to have fun!

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Welcome to our OPS family, Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry!

We have added a new member to our family at Organic Pet Superfood – Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry!

Amy + Pete Schuhmann are the owners and as avid outdoor enthusiasts, animal lovers and scuba divers have devoted themselves to providing healthy, organic and holistic solutions for themselves and their pets.

As avid outdoors people and petlovers ourselves, we definitely approve!

Welcome to the family!


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Summer time is a great time to adopt a new family member!

I was looking through some news on The Daily Camera, as I’ve been out of town and busy the last few weeks working on those new product releases and I came across an article that made me want to help, so I thought I would broadcast the information on our blog so that any loyal Boulder/Denverites might come to the rescue, literally!

Summer time is a busy time at animal shelters and apparently the Boulder Valley Humane Society, which is an amazing, no-kill shelter, has been filled to capacity with dogs and cats with (as of late July) 37 dogs and 83 cats up for adoption. They only have a capacity to hold 25 dogs and 50 cats, so they are strained for resources to say the least.


Bear, a Chow/Retriever mix currently up for adoption at the Boulder Valley Humane Society

If you have been thinking about adopting your first pet or looking for another pet, please visit BoulderHumane.org and take a look at any of the dogs or cats they have up for adoption!

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Probably the cutest video of a pug that you will see today.

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The Amazing Treat Machine

I’m pretty excited about this product and can’t wait to get one for Koda to try out! It is called The Amazing Treat Machine and what I feel is the most amazing thing is the simplicity of it.


Michael Newman was the creator of this great device when he realized that he didn’t have quite that much time to play with his dog, Hustler, when he wanted to play. The next best thing, Michael decided, was to create an interactive device that Hustler could play with by himself and be entertained by – this led to the creation of The Amazing Treat Machine. It’s a gloriously simple cardboard box with a water bottle that serves as a treat dispenser. Another great part of the design is that the entire structure is made out of eco-friendly cardboard and makes a great use for those pesky plastic water bottles that we see everywhere. Check out a video of Hustler playing with The Amazing Treat Machine here.


Can’t wait for mine!!!

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Dog ‘O’ Matic: Pet Torture Machine or Ingenius Problem Solver?

So, I had some reservations about this contraption when I first saw it…


The Dog ‘O’ Matic (Their website is in French – but you can check out the videos/pictures) is a device which looks like a giant pet microwave, yet it is meant to help guardians give their pets baths without too much hassle.

Honestly, it kinda freaked me out at first…

Now, after thinking about it, I like it because the Dog ‘O’ Matic really does make it an easy, painless effort to get a pet clean. It’s not like they don’t get freaked out anyways when they are in the shower or backyard or where ever you’re trying to give them a bath. Like when I walk in to the bathroom when Koda happens to be there at the same time – he immediately leaves without looking at me because of a bath incident he had a couple years ago.

On the website there are videos of cats and dogs being washed and they don’t seem to have a problem with the machine at all.

Right now this device is only available in a small town in France, but the inventors say they are planning to expand to England soon depending on user reactions. Each wash costs around $22 – $48 depending on the size of your pet.

Seems like a good idea, but would you use it?

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